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Email Marketing

Email marketing has been a growing area for marketeers for a number of years. Email marketing is a quicker, cheaper and greener way of sending offers to prospects than Direct Mail. Whats more, it gives potential customers a quick and easy link to your website, whereas direct mail requires the recipient to take more action. Email also allows you to easily track the engagement of recipients via an email campaign statistics report.

On average, emails acheive a 10-15% open rate and a 10% click-to-opens rate - meaning if you emailed 10,000 people, 1,000-1,500 people should open the email and 100-150 people should click through to your website or links. 

At Direct 2 we have vast experience in creating and sending successful email campaigns for clients. Emails can be sent using your own data*, a bespoke list from D2s databases or as one of our email packages.  Our broadcast services offers the following features:

  • Full HTML email design, including mobile optimization
  • A comprehensive 7 day statistical report
  • Split-testing facilities
  • Auto-responder emails 
  • Website forms - including subscriptions, surveys and send to friend options
  • Management of unsubscribes and bounce traffic

To aide with deliverability of emails we also ensure that:

  • Emails are run against a minimum of 5 spam filter checks
  • Emails are sent through our dedicated mail server 
  • SPF records are set up on our server and we can advise you how to set up your own SPF record

* If using your own data please ensure it meets ICO guidelines for Electronic mail marketing


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