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Direct 2 provides a comprehensive range of services to help organisations effectively communicate their message DIRECT. 

High quality marketing lists covering every vertical market are at the heart of our enterprise, along with Email and Direct Mail solutions and many year's experience of delivering successful Direct Marketing campaigns.

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Direct 2 Education

Education is a big sector and with a budget to match (of almost £100 billion per year), so it's not surprising that there are so many companies vying to get their products into schools and colleges. At Direct 2 we can help you engage with these establishments via multiple channels and with targeted campaigns. It's such a big sector that we even have a separate website with more details.
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Direct 2 Health

More than a million people work in the NHS and with a budget exceeding £100 billion it is undoubtedly a huge sector, not forgetting the many private and ancillary health care services run alongside the NHS. In an organisation as large as the NHS it's imperative to get your marketing material in front of the right people. Direct 2 can help you pinpoint the exact people to target and deliver a winning campaign.
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Direct 2 Government

The Public sector accounts for nearly 1 in 5 employees in the UK and is a hugely varied sector, from the Fire Brigade to the House of Commons, as such there are opportunities for a vast array of companies. Direct 2 can help you find the best area to target and help you maximise your potential in this market.
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Direct 2 Business 

We have a database of over 3 million UK business covering every sector, with multiple selection criteria to help you refine your marketing strategy. Whatever industry you want to reach we can help you to reach that audience.
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Direct 2 Mail

We offer extremely competitive and comprehensive mailing solutions. From a small hand enclosed mailing of a few hundred items to mass mailings of over a million or more we can deliver your campaign. Accessing postal discounts through various providers we can save you up to 25% in postage (versus standard Royal Mail rates) and if you are new or returning to Direct Mail then we could save you up to a further 25%....
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Direct 2 Email

Our advanced email broadcasting platform enables you to send highly creative campaigns to thousands of recipients. The broadcast system has many features to enable you to perfect your email campaigns and follow up on interest effectively. Using your own data or our emails we offer a fully managed service.
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Want to inject new life into your communications? Just be DIRECT about it!  

Contact us on 01634 263626.


NEW - we are happy to introduce the ONLY comprehensive database of UK & Eire Dental Practitioners. Click here to find out more. 


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