Direct 2 Business

Targeting UK Business and Commerce

Over twenty nine million people work in the Private Sector. The large volume of organisations and subs sectors make this a highly appealing market. For charities and not-for-profit, through to manufacturing, legal and financial services, commercial companies and professionals, Business to Business marketing can delivery many exciting opportunities.

Direct 2 Business provides named decision-makers in all areas within the Private Sector, with direct access to over 4,000,000 senior named decision makers, including:

  • Senior Administrative – CEO’s, IT, Facilities, Finance, Purchasing, HR, Sales & Marketing
  • 21 Vertical Markets – e.g. Banking & Finance, Leisure, Sport & Tourism, Catering, Industrial Companies
  • Over 2100 Business Activity descriptions to select from
  • SIC Code based counts also available

All contacts can be selected by seniority, number of employees, turnover, and any geographic means.

Combine our lists and professional services to build a one-stop communications solution for your organisation. From mail-piece design, copy writing and print, through to list selection and mailing fulfilment, Direct 2 Business is the premier supplier for all communications to the Private Sector.

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